We are currently navigating an era that stands apart in the history of technological innovation. Multiple, rapidly-evolving disciplines, such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, web3, breakthrough engineering, and synthetic biology, are increasingly intersecting and influencing one another. This convergence is weaving a rich, complex tapestry of possibilities and challenges.

In this mix, crypto networks play a pivotal role, demonstrating an ability to coordinate networks, data, algorithms, and computing resources like never before. This is not a stagnant revolution. The crypto landscape is undergoing constant evolution and shift, continually changing the way we conceive value, trust, and decentralized power.

At BlueYard Capital, we are deeply invested in understanding, navigating, and shaping this exciting convergence. Our mission is to actively contribute to this transformation, playing our part in ushering in a new era of technological possibilities.

The Role

To further drive our mission, we are opening a critical position - the Head of Crypto Research & Technology. This role is particularly suited to an experienced software engineer who thrives on fast-paced technological evolution and convergence. Here's a brief overview of the expectations:

  • Deep Technical Expertise: You will master the intricacies of the ever-evolving crypto and web3 landscape, and grasp the broader picture of converging technologies.
  • Evaluating Technologies: Your hands-on approach will be required to assess emerging technologies, build prototypes, and contribute to influential open-source projects.
  • Industry Awareness: You will maintain a pulse on the latest advancements, identifying key gaps and opportunities in the dynamic crypto/web3 infrastructure.
  • Tool Development: Beyond using existing resources, you will innovate and upkeep tools for tasks such as automated trend analysis and open-source project quality evaluation.
  • Assisting Portfolio Companies: Occasionally, you will apply your technical expertise to assist our portfolio companies on focused projects.
  • Long-term Theses Development: You will formulate insightful perspectives on the ongoing and future technological shifts and directions in the industry.
  • Collaboration: You will spearhead partnerships with external researchers, developers, and organizations, broadening our collective knowledge and fostering lasting relationships in the industry.
  • Publication & Presentation: Your findings will be published and presented through various channels to make BlueYard’s knowledge accessible to the the tech community.
  • Education: As the firm’s technical lighthouse, you'll help keep our team updated with the latest in the technological sphere.

We are at a tipping point, where multiple fast-moving technological trends are colliding and influencing each other in unforeseen ways. As the Head of Crypto Research & Technology at BlueYard, you will not just witness this revolution, but actively participate in shaping its course.

For the experienced software engineer ready to dive headfirst into this intricate web of rapid technological evolution and convergence, we offer not just a job, but a vantage point to help shape the future.

If you are interested in the position, please send the following to team@blueyard.com:

  • Your CV
  • If applicable, a collection of links that best characterize your online presence and/or coding projects

Our process will then be as follows:

  • After the initial screening, we will invite selected candidates for a video interview
  • We will then invite a limited group of candidates for in-person interviews with both the team and our entrepreneurs
  • A decision will be made shortly thereafter