We’re excited to be teaming up with Azeem Azhar and The Exponential View community for our next BlueYard Conversation: Humans and Algorithms.

With The Exponential View, Azeem has created the most comprehensive and meaningful newsletter covering the impact of technology on society. That’s something we think about at BlueYard every day.

The idea is to get a group of folks together to debate a series of topics:

  • The impact algorithms / AI / ML are having, but more importantly will have, on our society and labour markets
  • How do we transition humanity through those changes while avoiding the less encouraging historical patterns associated with large scale societal and labour market changes
  • What are the good vs bad outcomes of increasing AI in our lives, business and society
  • How can we steer AI towards the good outcome for humanity; what are the ethics and values that need to be hard wired
  • How do we democratize AI capabilities and make sure it is not within the control of few “intelligence providers” — do we need more open approaches, datasets and communities — also to advance AI to the next level
  • Beyond algorithms — is data availability the real trigger for AI progress at human level
  • Many more …

Azeem will open the conversation with a keynote and there will be other speakers. But here’s the thing: we’d like you to join in and speak up. This matters. The event will be limited to max. 50 people and if you are interested in joining please write us at team@blueyard.com with some background on who you are and why these topics matter to you — if you are interested in giving a talk please also state the topic; however please keep in mind we’ll only be able to choose very few additional speakers.

This BlueYard Conversation will start at 4.30pm on October 6th in Berlin. After a few hours of dialogues and debates we’ll be cooling down with drinks & dinner.

We look forward to hearing from you.