BlueYard Conversation: The Future of Software Development — Final Agenda & Speakers

We are now only a few days away from our next BlueYard Conversation “The Future of Software Development” on June 27th — 28th in Reykjavik, Iceland. Due to high demand we were able to find venues that can now accommodate 110 people vs. our original capacity of 75 — and we are excited to see all of you there shortly.

Companies attending range from large technology platforms (e.g. GitHub, Google, Microsoft, IBM) to startups working on new frontiers for software development. We’ll be kicking off with an introductory dinner on Wednesday 27th June, with some short talks to set the stage, and a chance to get to know fellow participants. Then we’ll continue with a day of talks and open discussions on Thursday 28th June, closing with dinner and drinks.

Here’s the final agenda and speakers:

27th June

17:30 Welcome

18:00 Introduction from Chad Fowler & Ben Scofield

18:15 “Thinking Open” — a talk from Michael Feathers (R7K Research & Conveyance)

18:45 Dinner

28th June

09:00 Breakfast at venue

10:00 Introduction with Ben Scofield and Chad Fowler

Collaboration on Code

10:10 Jessica Kerr (Atomist)

10:20 Alexis Sellier (oscoin)

10:30 Jason Warner (GitHub)

10:40 Small Group Discussions

Programming for Decentralization: What is The Emerging Decentralized Web Stack?

11:30 Juan Benet (Protocol Labs)

11:45 Q&A with Juan Benet

12:00 A conversation between Jutta Steiner (Parity) & Manuel Araoz (ZeppelinOS)

12:15 Q&A with Jutta Steiner & Manuel Araoz

12:30 Lunch

Systems Management & Writing and Maintaining Code

14:00 Josh Stella (Fugue, Inc.)

14:10 Keith Horwood (StdLib)

14:20 Kent Beck

14:30 Paul Biggar (Dark)

14:40 Small Group Discussions

15:20 Break

When Computers Program Themselves: The Impact of “Big Code” & AI

15:30 Rishabh Singh (Google Brain)

15:40 Miltos Allmanis (Microsoft Research)

15:50 Sergio Giro (Prodo)

16:00 Eran Yahav (Codota)

16:10 Dana Drachsler Cohen (ETH Zurich)

16:20 Break

16:30 Small Group Discussions

A Quantum Outlook

17:30 A conversation between Marco Pistoia (IBM), Matthew Keesan (IonQ, Inc.), Michael Brett (QxBranch) and Michael Hush (Q-Ctrl)

17:45 Q&A

18:00 Wrap-up with Ben Scofield and Chad Fowler

18:15 Drinks Reception

19:00 Dinner

29th June

09:00 Informal meeting space for self-organized discussions

12:00 End

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