1. BlueYard Conversation: Operating Systems for Life — Agenda and Speakers

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    Technological advances are permeating our culture, but following recent scientific breakthroughs a new frontier is emerging: the ability to author life. Historically, these breakthroughs have been random and empirically driven, but we are now at a time where frameworks and methods are being simultaneously discovered that will allow us to understand, augment, and engineer life forms at a new level...

    1. Synthetic Biology
  2. Female entrepreneurs: Join our BlueYard CEO Workshop with Reboot’s Jerry Colonna (APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED)

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    One of the hardest things for us is to witness the tough ups & downs of the entrepreneurial journey — while realising there is only so much we can do to support from the sidelines. One of the most effective ways we can help however is by creating a tight bond between BlueYard founders and CEOs — and to create a network of folks willing to share knowledge, best practises and to simply help each other out...